Getting Started

To get a working Wiki, this is what I did.

1. Go to and fill in the parameters.

2. Cut and paste the generated code to a file and link that to ..../cgi-bin/wiki on my server

3. Add this to the first line

  #!/usr/local/bin/perl -w

4. Create the .../wiki directory as set in $Database=...

Please note that in some linux systems, you also need to "touch" your database file with a "db" extension or the script will not be able to open your database file. It doesn't matters if the file is empty. Also, remember to give it proper permissions.

5. Create some logo.gif files

I would recommend .png, as .gif are evil.

6. Create a FindPage page containing a brief message and the word \[Search\]

[Highly optional]

7. I also changed $linkWork to $"[A-Z][a-z0-9]*" so as to allow users to capitalise acronyms and include numbers. This allows them simply to upper case single words instead of using mixed caps, so I may yet regret this.

--- the instructions need more detail. i'm in the situation, where i can upload the wiki-script and some gifs. i can also make the neccessary directories and i know the mappings between absolut pathnames as seen from the wiki-script, the url's as seen by the user and the path-names as seen by me when i ftp-upload them. these mappings are what i have to tell the remote sysadmin, also the names derived from the script-name, eg. <wikidb>.wdb/<file> and <wikidb>.db. -- ClemensFischer


Last edited September 25, 2003
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