Handle Edit

Here we create an editor out of html forms. There are a lot of forms-challenged browsers out there so we watch out for a couple of known problems.

  sub HandleEdit {
    $title = $CookedInput{edit} || $CookedInput{copy};
    $title =~ /^$LinkPattern$/ || &AbortScript("edit: improper name: $title");
    %old = &RetrievePage($title);

Get the text or its copy as appropriate.

    $_ = $CookedInput{copy} ? $old{copy} : $old{text};
    $note = 'Copy of ' if $CookedInput{copy};

Some browsers for the Macintosh get confused by both CR and LF in an entry field. So we nix the CRs as we escape the usual html metacharacters.


IBM's WebExplorer expands any tabs we might send it. So we go ahead and check the space-to-tab conversion when we send it text.

    $convert = "checked" if $ENV{HTTP_USER_AGENT} =~ /WebExplorer/;  

print <<EOF ; <head> <title>Edit $note$title</title> </head> <body> <form method="POST" action="$ScriptUrl"> <h1>$note$title <input type="submit" value=" Save "> <input type="reset" value=" Reset "> </h1> <TEXTAREA NAME="text" ROWS=12 COLS=60 wrap=virtual>$_</TEXTAREA><br> <input type="checkbox" name="convert" value="tabs" $convert> I can't type tabs. Please <a href="$ScriptUrl?ConvertSpacesToTabs">ConvertSpacesToTabs</a> for me when I save.<p> <a href="$ScriptUrl?GoodStyle">GoodStyle</a> tips for editing.<br> <a href="$ScriptUrl?links=$title">EditLinks</a> to other web servers.<br> EOF

print <<EOF if $old{copy} && !$CookedInput{copy}; <a href="$ScriptUrl?copy=$title">EditCopy</a> from previous author.<br> EOF

print <<EOF ; <input type="hidden" size=1 name="post" value="$title"> </form> </body> EOF



Last edited January 16, 2002
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