Hasko Heinecke


For several months we at Daedalos Consulting are using Wiki for our corporate intranet. It is a convenient medium to access and change rapidly changing information on our consultants, for building a knowledge base, and to exchange all kinds of more or less useful information.

An important reason why Wiki works for us is its use of only one basic Internet protocol: http. Because of that, our consultants can access and edit the intranet from all but the most paranoid customers' sites. Virtually every other protocol is somehow blocked by one or the other customer's firewall.

Besides its usefulness, I personally like Wiki because it encourages the somewhat less purposeful kind of communication that helps our consultants keep a sense of community, even though we are separated by large distances.

We use standard Wiki, with the following changes:

  • We changed the emphasis regular expression to use the non-greedy algorithm.
  • We added a link to the RecentChanges and the FrontPage at the bottom of each page.

Works for us. The two enhancements we'd like to have are: A reverse RecentChanges and a ?DiffView that compares a page with its previous version. Less recent versions are not necessary for us, change is just not that rapid yet. Perhaps, marking the changed paragraphs with a bar or yellow background would be enough. Not so easy, though, I guess.


Last edited October 12, 1999
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