Hyper Perl


Put a link here to a place where you can download the perl source of HyperPerl. So where's that link? :)

Is PrintBodyText the source root?

HyperPerl is a variant of WikiWikiWeb inspired by DonKnuth's LiterateProgramming. It is supported by two programs, both offered as cgi script...

  • wiki base -- browse & edit the hypertext source
  • hp -- extract a straight program by traversing the source

The extractor defines the rules of hyper perl. Right now it simply grabs preformatted text. [How is a Here file represented?] Links found in that text refer to nodes that should be processed in advance of the current node since they probably refer to ...

  • header comments
  • constant definitions
  • subroutine definitions

The extractor will soon offer forms to control its expansion. This will provide ...

  • fill-in-the-blanks for parameterization
  • check-boxes for conditional configuration


Last edited April 24, 2002
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