James Crook


My use of Wikibase:
  • Have been running it on a Lan at work since 26-Apr-2001

Minor changes so far:
  • 'Can't Type Tabs' is ON by default. (Not detecting MSIE)
  • Edit box bigger (100% wide, 25 rows)
  • LinkPattern now allows Bug123 and ThisIsATest, i.e. uc,lc+,uc_or_num,alpha_num*
  • Fixup of http / ftp links so that don't gobble up colons. I previously had a problem with thing: as the thing: got treated as the start of an inline URL.
  • The usual customisation to gifs and paths..
  • Inline URLs use the .gif / .jpeg test.
  • Reverse order in RecentChanges

Planned changes:
  • Put ALL pages on the same footing. I'd like to have the FindPage footer on all pages, and the neatest way is to make the EditPage, ?ThanksForEdits and ?SearchResults as real pages. Just as the WikiBase FindPage uses [Search] so I'll be using [Edit] (replace by edit box) and [Value] (replace by value) and [Results] (replace by search results). This will make the script shorter. I don't need to worry about vandals.
  • ?PageNameTemplate, will be the default content of any newly created page called PageNameXXXXX, otherwise the ?DefaultTemplate of 'Describe [Value] here' will be used.
  • An [Expand] token which appears as a button of the same name. Click it and all page names following are expanded in line. (this is only useful if the pages are short, so I'll hard code a page size limit.)
  • Add [Expand] token to the ?SearchResultsPage.
  • Related ideas that allow canned queries and sorting.

  • To maintain bug list, list of meetings, agendas, minutes, notes on test equipment, and to do lists of various kinds.

The bug list was the main motivator for getting a wiki in place. I was getting frustrated by having to send e-mail to the bug list maintainer to get him to update the bug list.... sometimes just to correct typos or to clarify a description that was in poor English.

The wiki is currently proving very useful for meetings / agendas / plans. I'm not yet ready to use it live for bugs, as I need to add simple table sorting features to it. What I think I need is the flexibility and open nature of a wiki, but with just very slightly more database ability, to generate different presentations of the same information.

Ward, if you are reading this, I think your ideas and implementation of wiki are great. I've been to several other wikis, and whilst some have a lot more features, I like the simplicity of your Wiki. It doesn't try to do too much, and it doesn't enforce. I think this is because your focus has been on the overall results including content and not on the technology.



Last edited May 13, 2001
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