John Repici


I run a modified version downloaded from this site. I don't remember all the modifications and experiences but will relate all that I can think of here.


  • The database produced resides at

  • Convert Tabs to Spaces default checked.
  • Format modifier added to be the same as is used in forum and chat software offered at the same site.
  • Location restriction code added to permit a closed forum.
  • Add code to use .htaccess usernames to identify editors in RecentChanges
  • A variety of small enhancements and faults fixed.

  • Ran on a host that used the old perl database. My account had gdbm but the host ran under the noone account for server accesses. This caused a 1K record/key limit. They could not fix this problem so I switched hosting services.
  • At first wanted to save time by moving help files over from the pattern repository wiki. Got permission for this, but the project has taken so long I've had time to produce my own help pages.
  • The site is not yet open or advertised (Schedule TBD).

Thanks. -jr


Last edited August 8, 2003
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