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Jon writes about wiki...
It's a beautiful thing! I'm torn between telling people about it and not telling. The former because it deserves notice. The latter because the environment of trust you have established there could be all-too-easily disrupted.

And I reply...

Ah, yes. Likewise I have resisted registering the site with any indices. Wiki does appear on many personal hot-lists. This hasn't attracted a bad crowd, presumably because they don't read the same hot-lists.

Here's a suggestion: Why don't you set up a wiki database yourself and write about it. I'd be glad to help. I figure proliferation is the only way to protect something I've grown to care about.

I've been working on a paper that tries to get at "wiki nature". I just put the outline in wikibase, the script distribution database. Here's a pointer. ... iNatureInOutline

Anyway, thanks for your sensitivity. Wiki is like a delicate flower growing in the mud streets of the electronic frontier. If we can get a few more growing before the first one gets run over, the net will end up a prettier place. -- WardCunningham


Last edited May 23, 1996
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