Kehei Wiki


KeheiWiki is derived from JosWiki and targets commercial applications, intranets and private clubs.

  • controls over who may edit
    • templates can lock-down select topics
    • public browse with selective editors list
    • authors vs editors are recognized and protected
    • editor accounts can be tagged with skills
    • authors may designate what skills needed to edit pages they make
    • public FAQ pages and signup lists
    • pages can source or sink html forms from the public
  • inter-editor messaging
  • pages can look different depending on who is browsing
    • support for navigational 'breadcrumbs' to help user deal with complex sites
  • urls look natural (no ? marks in them)
    • easy for search engines to index
    • no need to use url query syntax to specify topics
    • virtual subdirectories are supported
  • flexible markup:
    • html is optional
    • autolinking can be disabled within a page or globally
    • autolinks optionally can have space characters for more natural look
    • can add own wiki commands
    • can use to view C or other language source code (with coloring)
  • modular and extendable
    • without hacking base source or applying patches
    • separate directory for extensions
    • proprietary/local extensions may be added without GPL-ing them
  • templates and includes supported
  • no DB required, all topics for a given area live in one directory
  • unresolved links can default to a 'Glossary' with configurable link resolution paths

- see: ... osWikiExtensions

It is open source - for download instructions


Last edited May 2, 2002
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