Larry Kollar


Just a jumped-up tech writer, trying to find better ways to do what I do.

I set up a PowerMac 6100/66 with MkLinux behind our company firewall as a departmental server. I've installed AtisWiki and hacked it up a little bit -- fixed a bug or two, changed the appearance to be consistent with other services, nothing major.

We have two groups of writers physically separated, and I'm hoping that a Wiki will help us work together on various projects. But it's a slow start. I'm hoping that the other writers will catch on as I continue to put useful info on the Wiki.

I've also set up an original Wiki, slightly twiddled of course, on a Mac SE/30 running NetBSD (no X) at home. This actually works fairly well, as long as you use Lynx 2.8.2 or better (which supports external editing of TEXTAREAs).


Last edited September 20, 1999
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