Long List Of Wiki Clones

This list is mostly simply a consolidation of data spread all over. I took OscarNierstrasz's ListOfWikiClones as point of departure. I've tried to restrict it to WikiClone implementations. -- JeanJordaan

If the names of WikiClones aren't linked, details are on wiki instead of wikibase :(

	URL: http://www.ira.uka.de/~m ... /AtisWiki.tar.gz
	Author: MarcusDenker
	Current Version: 0.0alphaX
	Based on: CvWiki
	Backends available:
	-> normal Files, no Backup
	-> like PageArchive, but does keep Backup-copies via CVS
	-> like CVS, but uses RCS.
	Features: like CvWiki (?).
	URL: http://home.connectnet.com/peter/CVWiki DEFUNCT on 990822
	Author: PeterMerel
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: WardCunningham's wiki.  
	Backends available:
	-> uses flat files for text, 
	-> fully integrated with CVS 
	- supports direct transclusion of external web pages
	- stores backlinks with their pages rather than searching for them (so
	backlinks pop up immediately)
	Author: ClarkEvans? ?MarkusPeter?
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: RCS
	Docs: look for HowToInstallJosWiki on JOS. 
	URL: http://voght.com/cgi-bin/pywiki-demo 
	Author: TimVoght
	Current Version: 0.3.1
	Based on: WardCunningham's wiki. 
	Backends available: RCS (contention unsolved).
	URL: http://www.iam.unibe.ch/ ... wiki.cgi?RcsWiki
		http://www.iam.unibe.ch/ ... .cgi?rcswiki.cgi
	Author: OscarNierstrasz
	Current Version: 1.3  1999/03/30  
	Based on: RcsWiki is a WikiClone of WikiInStraightPerl 
	Backends available: uses plain text files and RCS for version
	Caveat: RcsWiki was conceived as the shortest path to a working wiki
	not based on dbm. You may be able to further hack it to add new
	functionality, but it has not been designed with this in mind. If you
	have big plans for new features, you might be better off looking for
	another WikiClone that is more modular in design. PyWiki might be a
	good starting point.
  • SpiKe (Java) [LGPL (maybe oneday)]
	URL: ???
	Author: DaveHarris and RalphMellor
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: Pages are currently stored in flat files rather than
	a database. They are also stored in a parsed, binary form rather than as
	Features: The general approach is to treat pages as Java objects, with
	different kinds of pages belonging to different classes. Thus a
	UserName? page would have different features and commands to a normal
	page, so that it can store user-specific configuration
	options. Pages are organised in groups, with each group having an
	administration page that controls policy for all the pages in it.
	Eventually users should be able to develop new policies by adding .class
	files to the system on the fly, through the page UI, within a
	Java sandbox for security.
  • SWiki AKA SqueakWiki (Squeak, AKA Smalltalk-80) []
	URL: http://www.cc.gatech.edu ... ws/examples.html
		http://guzdial.cc.gatech.edu:8080/myswiki "unreliable"
	Author: MarkGuzdial
	Current Version: in 1.0b3 release of PluggableWebServer
	Backends available: Runs on the Pluggable WebServer.
	URL: ???
	Author: JimCoplien
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	- Line Escape
	- HTML Escape
	- Read-Only Flag
	- Read-Only Info Link
	- Cross-Instances References
	- PageChangeNotification
  • TWiki (Perl) TWIKI [GPL]
	URL: http://twiki.org/
		http://TWiki.SourceForge ... iew/Main/WebHome
	Author: PeterThoeny
	Current Version: 01 Jul 1999
	Based on: JosWiki
	- full text search and and topic search with/without regular expressions.
	- Topic index.
	- Server side include of files
	- Automatic email notification
	- Added support for quoted text
	- Refered-By: Find out which topics have a link to the current topic.
	- Revision control of topics
	- Possible to add a category table to a TWiki topic.
	- File attachments: Upload and download any file as a topic attachment
	by using the browser.
	- Topic locking: Warn user if a topic has been edited by an other person
	within one hour.
	URL: http://havoc.gtf.org/cgi-bin/austin/kwiki
	Author: AustinDavid
	Current Version: "K2 is coming!"
	Based on: Wiki [1], hacked to oblivion
	Backends available: ???
	- ?ListServCapability (for archiving email)
	- ?LdapSupport (for letting kwikis associate freely)
	- Wiki:?WikiWikiClones (to "borrow" ideas)
	- an ?HtmlManagementSystem
	URL: www.linuxppc.org/faq/index.html
	Author: ?JonHowell
	Current Version: 2.709
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	URL: http://www.fox.wikis.com/ (source?)
	Author: StevenBlack steveb@stevenblack.com
	Current Version: 1.0
	Based on: 
	Backends available: NT Server and IIS
	- Tons. No markup or scripting restrictions
	- Keyboard macros
	- MS Knowledge base links
	- Federated and transcluded wikis
	- Hosting, with password login as required
	URL: http://www.msl-fn.com/wiki/ (404 Error)
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	URL: http://www.leuf.net/wiki/
	Author: BoLeuf
	Current Versions: wiki-lib, Swedish, 
	Based on: Ward's wiki sources and author's extensions, extensively rewritten during work on book TheWikiWay.
	Backends available: RCS
	- scripts can run unchanged on Windows and Linux boxes
	- stubs plus common library, repointing, automatic defaults
	- CSS styling with template
  • Niki (???) [???]
	URL: http://demo.niki.co.uk:9001/servlets/niki (source?)
	Author: http://www.objective.co.uk/
	http://www.object-arts.c ... n/DolphinWikiWeb
	Author: ObjectArts, AndyBower
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: based originally on JosWiki
	Backends available: ???
	Features: supports templates
	URL: http://www.jiki.org/
	Author: JosephKiniry
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: CVS
	Features: an OpenSource distributed components-based Wiki
	"a full-blown distributed component-based server"
	URL: "If you are interested in the source, just let me know"
	Author: RicardoClements
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	URL: http://jywiki.sourceforg ... index.php?JyWiki
	Author: ?BrianZhou
	Current Version: pre-Alpha
	Based on: PikiPiki
	Backends available: text file
	Features: ??
	URL: http://kehei.com
	Author: BobRacko
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: derived from JosWiki
	Backends available: ???
	- Topic names with spaces or without capitalization can also be links.
        - Guests (non editing) as well as registered editors.
        - Using Apache: eliminated /cgi[-bin]/ ; multiple webdatabases possible
        - Simultaneous edits to same topic can be resolved peacefully ('save' conflict resolution)
        - Support topicname.html as well as ?topic=topicname in url syntax.
        - "Views" on the same wiki data (softlinks) can restrict access.
        - Author sets and editor sets are supported.
        - Backups are kept and associated with viewable changelogs which list author.
        - The page layout templates and even wiki.pl itself are editable online
        - Multiple subdirectory support, i.e. '/' in url syntax.
        - Pages are deletable and renameable.
        - Supports direct inclusion of external web pages
        - Has a 'Glossary' default for unresolved links and configurable link resolution paths
        - Has support for navigational 'breadcrumbs' to enable viewer to navigate through a complex site
        - HTML Escape
        - Page Change Notification add on
        - Text search with/without regular expressions.
        - Topic locking by author or author group
        - Leave messages for individual authors
        - Command extension stubs plus common library, automatic defaults
        - Special formatting for C, C++ code presentation
        - Multiple templates sets associate same content with different site looks and feels
	- Author: Jürgen Hermann
	- Based on: PikiPiki
	- URL: http://moin.sourceforge.net/ (was: http://www.encrypted.net ... in.cgi/FrontPage)
	- Backend: Text file
	- Versioning  (with diff display)
	- Tables, Macros, Smileys, User preferences, Sections, TOC's
	- Searching: Title, Full text, Regex, Jump
	- Save conflict notification (nice!)
	Interesting Macros:
	- Include contents of another page
	- Subscribe (receive email when page changes)
	Used by:
	- www.python.org http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/moinmoin

  • PhpWiki (PHP server-side scripting language) [GPL]
	- http://c2.com/cgi-bin/wiki?PhpWiki
	- http://wcsb.org/~swain/php/wiki/
	- Works right out of the tarball, no configuration needed
	- Most features of Classic Wiki
	- Comes with a set of default pages loaded automatically
	- PHP 3.0.12 or higher
	- very WabiSabi
	URL: http://fox.uq.net.au/~zzmpool/piki-1.57.zip
	Author: MartinPool
	Current Version: 1.57
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	Features: "will run completely standalone"
	- Tab is never required as a formatting character, because it's hard
	  to type into many browsers. The markup codes are pretty similar.
	- Data is stored in plain text files, not in a database. This reduces
	  contention between concurrent users and is more in the spirit of a
	  quick solution.
	- Full-text search is quite fast, and doesn't lock out updates.
	- I don't do versioning -- I think Wiki is not meant to be a
	  document-management system.
	- PikiPiki offers an index of all titles, and an index of all words
	  occuring in titles.
	URL: http://pikie.darktech.org/cgi/pikie
	Author: StevePike
	Current Version: 0.4
	Based on: PikiPiki
 	- extensible with plug-ins
 	- weblog on any page
 	- RSS feeds
 	- tables
 	- lots of templates and macros
  • Pyle (Python) [GPL]
	URL: http://homepages.kcbbs.g ... ~tonyg/pyle.html
	Author: Tony Garnock-Jones (mailto:tonyg@kcbbs.gen.nz)
	Current Version: 0.2.0 now with CVS support
	Based on: Ward's original (loosely)
	Backends available: DBM/GDBM, CVS
	- Choice of CVS or GDBM
	- Versioning incl. history browsing (with CVS) and diff markup (with CVSWEB)
	- Cookie for username, or use htpasswd
	- Attachments with MIME types; inlined images
	- Embed HTML if you like
	- Unix-like rwxrwxrwx permissions on pages
	- Can generate 'offline' HTML
	- Email notification of changed pages
  • SpiDer (ASP-based) [Internal to Intergraph]
	URL: ???
	Author: Intergraph, PratapLakshman (?)
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
  • TcbWorks () [Free to certain organisations]
	URL: http://tcbworks.cba.uga.edu/
	Author: ?AlanDennis, ?SridarPootheri, and ?VijayaNatarajan.
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	- All of the information in TCBWorks is located in (hierarchical)
	- Many Topics are present in a single Project.
	- Comments are paragraphs of user entered remarks.
	- TCBWorks also allows voting on Topics.
	- Projects, topics, comments, and voting all have a variety of
	- There are three types of users in TCBWorks
  • URL!
	URL: (redirects to http://purl.org/thecliff/python/url.html )
	Author: ?CameronLaird <claird@starbase.neosoft.com> and Jean-?ClaudeWippler <jcw@equi4.com>
	- Traces Python and TCL news; gated to usenet news and mailinglists.
	URL: http://wiki.webmacro.org/
	Author: EricRidge, JustinWells, LaneSharman
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: VeryLargeHashtable
	Author: KeithDerrick
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	URL: http://cvu.strath.ac.uk/download/webweb/
	Author: DavidMcNicol
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: wikibase
	Backends available: ???
	WebWeb uses DBM files to store all of the information for each web.
	Features: "Might be a victim of leaping featureitis"
	- Fully accessible edit history.
	- Access control (read/edit/modify).
	- Email notification.
	- Extended functionality for external links.
	- Improved recent changes.
  • WebWebX (Perl) [Open Source (soon)]
	URL: http://prtims.stx.com/webwebx/ 404 Not Found on 990822
	Author: JoeMcMahon
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: derivative of WebWeb
	Backends available: PageArchive
	- Toolbar switchable between icons and text
	- Support for limited access by 'anonymous' users
	- A range of security possibilities
	- Append-only mode
	- "Sign-in" option to enable 'anonymous' users to log in
	- New page archive management scheme which does not depend on DBM files
	- "Back to previous page" support
	- Extended page locking
	- Inside-the-system account management
	URL: http://st-www.cs.uiuc.ed ... -bin/wikic/wikic (source?)
	Author: ?EricHuss
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	- HTML tags may appear anywhere ;)
	- Line wrapping never hurts, such as in lists and tags
	- New link tag so you can have complete freedom in the name of the
	- Lists are intelligent...
	- External links are encapsulated around a name
	- Tabs are automatically converted to 5 spaces.
	- The backup file will contain an infinite number of backups.
	URL: http://wiki.cs.uiuc.edu/ ... lWorks/WikiWorks
	Author: Travis Griggs started it, but Ralph Johnson and John Han have been working on it lately.  In fact, lots of people are working on it.  It is open source!
	Current Version: 0.5
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: Gemstone, file system
	- versioning
	- renaming pages
	- easy to have multiple wikis at a site
  • WiKit (Tcl and Metakit) [Open Source]
	URL: http://www.equi4.com/tclkit/wikit.html
	Author: ?JeanClaudeWippler
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends available: ???
	Features: a local version ..
	URL: http://macos.tuwien.ac.at/Squeak/YAW.html
	Author: GeorgGollmann
	Current Version: ???
	Based on: ???
	Backends availab
	- All data is kept in a single archive file.
	- A warm start only loads subsequent additions.
	- Versions of pages are kept.
	- Pages are attributed to their authors (hostname).
	- Pages are checked out and in for editing to avoid concurrent edits.
	- Page texts are loaded on demand and are purged by a special lowspace
	- Searches are performed as background processes.
  • ZWiki (Python - Zope)
	URL: http://zwiki.org/
	Author: Simon Michael
	URL: http://tavi.sourceforge.net/
	Author: Scott Moonen
	Features: http://tavi.sourceforge.net/TaviFeatures
	Author:Kenneth Tyler
	Current Version: 4.00
	Based on: CFWiki
	Backends available: IIS SQL Server 2000
	- Supports multiple Wikis
	- Pluggable components
	- User configuration of individual Wikis
  • WikiCPP (C++)
	URL:http://www.tomforsyth.pw ... .co.uk/Wiki.html
	Authors:Tom Forsyth & Matthew Rosenfeld, but mainly the authors of Wiki++
	Current Version: 1.00
	Based on: Wiki++
	- Has some nice formatting rules to handle cut'n'pasting C++ code into the Wiki
	- Is written in C++ itself (handly for people who don't know Perl, etc)
	- Very simple primitive Wiki - very simple to modify like mad
	- Very simple security


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