Marc Antoine Parent


More about me can be found on my web page:

I'm a software developer using design patterns heavily on many projects. The first was a complex data visualization framework named Giza. The Giza project came from the Cheops tool, designed by my friend and colleague Luc Beaudoin, for visualizing tree structures. You can find that work at

Giza is centered around a design pattern I call the ?RoleAdapter. I wrote a tech note about that pattern, which was published in the '98 OOPSLA, and that you can read at ... nt/TechNote.html

Giza was developed at CRIM ( by Luc, myself and Louis Vroomen. We all left CRIM since; Luc is still designing interfaces at Nortel, Louis is still implementing interfaces at U|Force, and I am still dreaming up complex design patterns.

I've just gone back to school to study ?SystemsScience.

I'm always happy to discuss patterns.


Last edited January 11, 2002
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