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A number of us have been cloning, talking about cloning, discussing WikiNature, and similar things. Some of you have corresponded with me about Mu, MuWeb(s), and my plans for MuItself.

I've created a MuWeb for discussing such things, and I invite any and all to visit at http://www.stambaugh-inc ... scripts/MuWebWeb.

I've also coined a naming scheme that I use, as follows:

A web with MuNature is a MuWeb. I call a MuWeb about a topic named "Topic" a ?TopicWeb. Therefore, MuWebWeb is a MuWeb about MuWeb(s) themselves. The MuWeb that I host for my church (?AllSaints) is therefore called ?AllSaintsWeb.

Please bear in mind that I do have commercial purposes in mind for MuItself, so don't talk about proprietary or confidential things.

Thanks, -- TomStambaugh


Last edited July 28, 1999
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