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Sorry to be messing this up, will delete later. But look, how does one get a new page recognized. The installation I just did doesn't seem to.

See, I cannot follow a link to this page in the page where a link to it was first inserted.

Also, when you save after an edit, it should go back to the page you were on, I think, and force a reload.

Well, that is bizarre. After the second reload, the new page's link did show up. Perhaps I was not adequately observant and it didn't show up until I added text, but I think I had added the first paragraph above. Well, will try on my installation.

But this is not so good if you have to name the page uniquely each time you try to create a new one.

NO! In my installation it will not put a new page in. Well, I will have to start looking at the code.

Can I create a new one here?

  * LikeThis

* ?OrLikeThis * OrIsItATab

* ?SeemsToBeTwoSpaces * ?WithAnyCharacter * ButNotWithASpace Here

* Yes1 Empirically, two spaces and any special character

  • No1
	Not three spaces
  1 No2
	Not an alphnum character

Now I am quite confused, none of the above three worked. Is it because there is a line right after with text on it? SUrely not

  * Yes3

& Yes4

What, none of these worked either! Is all lost entirely now? Perhaps one cannot use numbers in link names??? I cant believe that

  * ?NoNumbers


Last edited March 18, 2001
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