Rights And Restrictions

I hope you will put up wiki style databases using the software on these pages. As you do, be aware that I place some restrictions on its use. Specifically, I ask that you ...

        * Read and print pages for your personal use.
        * Distribute pointers to this site, not it's contents.
        * Ask permission before you mirror or repackage (e.g. CD) the pages.
        * Register each database built with these programs.
        * Acknowledge these pages in your databases.
        * Share your experience and enhancements here.
        * Accept responsibility for the consequences of using this software.

I recognize the imprecision of the above statements. Rather than repeat them in the program itself, I chose to include in InitialComments a more restrictive statement which will have to apply until I craft something more in the spirit of the following...

        * StallmansCopyleft
        * NelsonsTranscopyright

Hey Ward, how about the Perl artistic license? Try http://language.perl.com/misc/Artistic.html . Or if you want to retain a little more control, the new netscape license at http://www.mozilla.org/NPL/annotated.html ? I confess I'm thinking hard about this last one myself -- PeterMerel

We use the OpenContent Public License over at http://www.worldforge.org, and it seems to be conceptually similar to the list given above. -- Bryce

Worldforge is switching over to the GNUFreeDocumentationLicense. We didn't like the restrictions on commercial use - what we decided we didn't like was "proprietary" not "commercial." YMMV. -?DaveTurner


Last edited August 4, 2000
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