Smb Test


Things to do:
  • XML course
  • SAG
  • PL (new part)


After trying with Wiki I thought: let's return to reality. Let's work with SAG. Even if it is tight to Windows and COM, it gives the possibility of working with images and have an other idea: prototypes. I define a prototype and use it as many times I want to publish pages that follow that prototype.

It has the idea of converting documents too. The most common use is to convert from Word to published pages in html.

I didn't see the idea of privileges in Wiki, all the people can modify pages made by anyone. Can this work? How can I leave a work without being afraid of loosing it?

    Kode: I thought Wiki keeps everything's diff. So I guess your work is saved.

20/08/2003 Uma idéia: objetos que são como sinapses: podem assumir uma identidade própria e podem se ligar a diversos outros. A estrutura toda (cérebro) seria salva em um xml.

curso xml: (broken links)

           http://ares/renan/tutori ... as/pratica1.html


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