Sterling Barrett


I'm in the WikiWikiWeb with the same name.
I've taken a copy of wikibase to use for documenting a system. I think this use should work out well based on my experience with the WikiWikiWeb.
I installed wikibase on a SunOS machine using version 4 of perl. Shortly there after I ran into a space limit of ndbm. Data entries could not be greater that 1013 bytes. Typical unix crap.

I switched to perl5 hoping to get a more recent version of the dbm library. Eventually I did. The O'Reilly book "Programming Perl" has an explanation of how to use gdbm. Gdbm has no limits or at least no documented limits. That section of the book also has a short program to copy from one dbm database format to another which I used to go from ndbm to gdbm.

To convert the wikibase script generated here add the line: "use GDBM_File;" near the top of the file and make sure you're using a perl5 interpreter.


Last edited July 30, 1997
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