Text Formatting Rules



  • Do not indent paragraphs

  • Words wrap and fill as needed

  • Use blank lines as separators

  • Four or more hyphens at the beginning of a line make a horizontal rule


  • tab asterisk -- for first level

    • tab tab asterisk for second level, etc.

  • Use * for bullet lists, 1. for numbered lists (mix at will) - always use 1., it will be renumbered automagically.

  • tab term colon tab Definition for definition lists, for example:

This is the term
This is the definition.

  • One line for each item

  • Other leading whitespace signals preformatted text, changes font


  • Indent with one or more spaces to use a monospace font:

 This is text in a monospaced font.
   This is indented with three spaces.
This is not.

Indented Paragraphs (Quotes)

  • tab space colon tab - often used (with emphasis) for quotations.

This is quoted.
This isn't.

  • If you are going to ConvertSpacesToTabs, you need to type nine spaces, a colon, and then three spaces before the text.


  • Use doubled single-quotes ('') for emphasis (usually italics)

  • Use tripled single-quotes (''') for strong emphasis (usually bold)

  • Use five single-quotes ('), or triples within doubles, for some other kind of emphasis (usually bold italic)

  • Emphasis can be used multiple times within a line, but cannot span line boundaries


  • JoinCapitalizedWords to make references to other pages on this Wiki.

  • Use SixSingleQuotes to avoid making such links.

  • Precede URLs with "http:", "ftp:", "gopher:", "mailto:", or "news:" to create links automatically as in: http://www.c2.com/

  • URLs ending with .gif or .jpg are inlined

  • ISBN 0-13-748310-4 links to a bookseller. (The pattern is: "ISBN", optional colon, space, ten digits with optional hyphens, the whole thing optionally in square brackets. The last digit can be an "X".) We are an Amazon Associate.

  • I S B N: 0123456789 becomes ISBN 0123456789
  • [I S B N 0123456789] becomes ISBN 0123456789
  • [I S B N: 123-456-789-X] becomes ISBN 123-456-789-X

Mark-Up Language

  • < and > are themselves

  • The & characters will not work


  • When a rule says "tab," it wants a tab character without extra spaces.

  • Use italics sparingly when possible, as they're harder to read.


Last edited September 26, 2003
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