Turn Blue

The function &AsAnchor turns titles blue.

What function would turn blue the various LinkPatterns that match in a sentence?

What I'm looking for is a subroutine or function that will put another string on the page turning the things matching the LinkPattern blue on the screen.

I think I have ugly html markup code in my database around my DateStamp RecentChanges page instead of just the datestamp and the display turning the DateStamp blue --ChrisGarrod

Teaser for Ward: I have allowed _ in the LinkPattern to translate into

i.e. any and all of the current line. Try this:
 http://igpp.ucsd.edu/cgi ... ?search=_Ward_C_ 
It's case insensitive, and some of the things on the ?RightSide of the resulting SearchTable need to TurnBlue.


Last edited May 18, 2002
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