What Is Wiki

Humanity that scales.

There is no clear , no real victor in any battle, and you can discuss policy until you're blue in the face, but not much will change about the way this community is structured or what kind of content gets published on it unless the memes you produce make a lot of sense to a lot of people.

Meanwhile, in real life, you have a certain circle of people you act friendly with, hang out with, etc. This group rarely exceeds 100 for most people, because after that it becomes unmanageable. If a person from outside of an individual's social circle approaches them, their first reaction is to be mean to them.

On a wiki, their first reaction is to be collaborative, making something greater than the sum of its parts. Its like a printing press, but better, with none of the spatial limitations putting a message or meme on paper has. If a concept is properly named, it gets linked to, spreads to other people, and entire ideas can be created from it.


Last edited January 24, 2002
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