Wiki Base Bug Reports

Comments in the WikiBase part of this system are changes to executable HyperPerl code. To prevent accidentally breaking things, I'll put free-form bug reports here.
On the page The text

$ScriptUrl = "[ Blank]/$ScriptName";

is displayed as

$ScriptUrl = "[<a href= ]">/$ScriptName";

instead of

$ScriptUrl = "[ ]/$ScriptName";

because "http" hyper-links are resolved before changing the "bracketed Blank" text into an input field. Reversing the order won't fix things; a more sophisticated solution is needed.

(Maybe I'm slow, but I couldn't find the code in PrintBodyText to change [ Blank ...] into an <input ...> field.) --

WikiBase reverse links (via the page title) dont work, since 'fullSearch' is searching the WikiWiki, not the WikiBase. It would be very useful if they did work, since it allows you to find the callers in code. Also - this feature does not work in later Lynxes on WikiWiki either. You only see the first search done, not any subsequent searches. The search result code needs to explicitly disable the cache, or (better) to include the page title in the URL. As the search engine only updates weekly this should be cacheable --BrianEwins

Images are not inlined unless their extension is lowercase. For example is not inlined. --?JohnBelmonte

Inlining code fixed in AsLink. Also made .png inlineable. --DaveSmith

A meta bug. QuickDiff assumes wiki, not wikibase. This leads to amusing results when wiki has a page of the same name, like WikiBaseBugReports. --DaveSmith


Last edited June 13, 2000
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