Wiki Base Kudos

I finally got a breathing spell and downloaded wikibase. It's so elegant that I'm tempted to print it out, frame it, and put it on my wall. -- PeterMarks

And this about WebWeaver, a wiki clone... It has really simplified our interactions with our customer support teams because we can document something once and then either broadcast them a URL or in some cases they have gone back and looked on a regular basis and have been able to deal with issues in a much more timely manner! -- GreggWonderly

Wonderful! ... Small, simple, elegant and scarily easy to install (after I got Perl to understand that I wanted to use Berkeley DB rather than ndbm to avoid the 1K key/value limit). I love it. The guys I've shown it to are also impressed. Let's hope it takes off as the hot discussion medium here. Thanks for making it public. -- RobertPhillips

I am very impressed with HyperPerl, and with brevity of the Wiki code. As the youngsters I'm working with would put it, "way cool, Dude."

Wiki has made for enjoyable enlightening bedtime reading. You've done a marvelous job at assembling a community on top of simple, yet elegant, enabling software. -- DaveSmith

I can't believe I haven't read it [wikibase] before. Brilliant! -- KentBeck

Yeah! Pure, simple and liberating in the true chaotic spirit of the web. Thanks for making it available Ward! -- RobertLarson

I printed it and looked at the code last night. I can't believe it's less than 400 lines of (admittedly dense) Perl! -- PaulChisholm

The HyperPerl application of WikiWiki is truly amazing! Thanks for setting this up. -- OscarNierstrasz

My mind was boggled when I generated the straight Perl code and got 348 lines... Even though I don't know Perl, it is obvious to me that there is something very special going on there. -- TimVoght

Wiki is now installed (on a Linux box) and worked fine (20 minutes to configure). The source code is very interesting and I learned some nice things in it. I presented the site today to my colleagues and they were quite impressed. An application of the KISS principe. Thanks to you Ward and Oscar (I use your RCS/Directory version). [By the way, I've removed the EscapeMetaCharacters routine - being able to put some HTML was too tempting - especially tables] -- PhilippeBack

Wow, installation was nothing more than copying the wiki script into cgi-bin! I can't wait to read this code. Such an elegant, yet simple idea. Definitely an excellent example of WabiSabi! -- RobertRead


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