Wiki Generator

A WikiGenerator is a code base that is set up to provide:
  • database-layer code providing basic page storage and revision management
  • presentation-layer code that can get input and format output (base version assumes HTML/CGI)
  • session-layer code which provides a means of storong both publicly-accessible and user-private data
  • subprocess-layer code which provides a means to do long background or external processes as subprocesses (start-and-wait/start-and-forget/start-and-check)
  • logic-layer code which provides basic features (edit/rename/etc.)

Each layer conforms to an API which describes the layer's base functions and interactions with the other layers; this allows the developer and other adopters to extend the codebase easily, or to completely replace portions of the codebase with functionally-equivalent code.

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Last edited October 30, 2003
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