Wiki Nature In Outline

I've been thinking of writing a paper about wiki nature and what must be present to achieve it. This is what I have so far...

  1. the
		b. immediate investment (i.e. something at risk)
		c. retraction & revision of argument
		d. situation (e.g. within the larger web)
		e. voluntary identification (v.s. anonymity)
  1. forecast & indexing
	A. sample translation rules
	B. sample evolution of a page

-- WardCunningham

	C. how to set one up for cgi beginners

(My contribution has made the formatting and numbering all funny.) -- JohnFletcher

Proposal for online publication: For the following two options you need an ?OfflineWikiAuthoringSystem:

Whole Database Option: Make a snapshot of the whole database downloadable for offline browsing with the ?OfflineWikiAuthoringSystem.

Sub Database Option: Each author gets the right to care for a topical subset of this database. S/he glues it together with additional text and links using the ?OfflineWikiAuthoringSystem.

I think it is fair, that if an author works for some hundred hours to produce a readable publication, then s/he should be allowed to use an ecommerce provider to get a payment compensation.

-- FridemarPache


Last edited February 26, 2001
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