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This HyperPerl script will initialize a wiki database with a handfull of standard pages. Run this script when you first install a new wiki database then browse the pages it has created and personalize them as you see fit. Retrieve the StraightPerl for this script from ...

(This script doesn't work because it refers to a non-existent $?InstallPage routine)

Comments at the front of the script explain ownership and point readers to these pages for elaborate documentation.

  # InitialComments
All of our commands retrieve pages from a database so we will go ahead and open it now. We derive the path to the db file from the name of the script. That way we can use one script (with links or aliases) to serve many databases.
  $db = $ARGV[1] || die("usage: $ARGV[0] dbm-name\n");
  dbmopen(%db, $db, 0666) || die("can't open $db.db\n");
These pages are wired into wiki in various places.
This is standard documentation that is cited in one or more of the above pages.
Finished, now we close the database and exit.
  dbmclose (%db);


Last edited February 12, 2002
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