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I use "WikiWeb" as the temp name for a copy of wiki supporting a particular topic-centered collection of pages. If the subject is "Foo", I refer to a WikiWeb named (in this case) "FooWeb" that contains pages about Foo.

I keep one copy of the perl script, and I create a symbolic link with the corresponding name (in this case, "FooWeb") that points to the script. I create a separate directory (also named "FooWeb") for each web, containing the pages of that web.

Of course, it would be really neat to have an inheritance hierarchy, so that I could say "FooWeb is-a ?GenericWeb", and have Wiki search FooWeb first, then ?GenericWeb, and so on when searching for a given page. That way, I could update the "?MoreAbout..." pages and have the updates automatically propagate to each web that uses them. Someday...

-- TomStambaugh

just trying


Last edited October 21, 2003
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