Wiki Wiki Web Under Windows Nt

A brief description of how to get WikiWikiWeb to run under Windows NT:
  1. See PerlPointers for info on obtaining the latest Perl for NT. I used CPAN Perl 5.004_02 which installed with no problems.
  2. Hie thee to and grab a copy of Apache 1.3b3 (or later) which runs under Windows NT. Follow the installation instructions.
  3. Grab a copy of WikiInStraightPerl and make the appropriate mods. For file paths you'll have to use backslashes (\). You'll also have to quote them: C:\\Web\\Apache\\wiki, for example.
  4. In the same directory as your Perl script create a batch file to run the perl from. This batch file will be your CGI script (which has certain implications regarding the name of your database). The batch file looks like this:
	@echo Content-type: text/html
	@perl wiki.perl

Strange but true. Over here running the Perl script introduces a blank line before any other output. I don't know if that's normal or not. The above batch file provides the Content-type: text/html the browser wants to see, then runs the wiki Perl script. It's odd, but it works. If anyone can tell me how to make it go away please do so. It's such a kludge!

The above set-up will leave you with a running Wiki with the <1k page size limit. Various hacks exist which have Wiki storing the database in flat files. I'm actually running a modified version of AustinDavid's modified version of WardCunningham's WikiInStraightPerl.

	-- TimO'Connor (TfOc)

Regarding the lack of forward-slashes under NT and other oddities. The fact is that it really is possible to use straight forward-slashes under WinNT. As much as I like CPAN, a very good choice of perl is the one from Active State ( ). As for using a batch-file for running is not really The Right Thing - instead, create a file-association pointing .pl to the perl-intepreter. Another thing is that the perl from Active State also smoothly integrates well with Internet Information Server from microsoft. Using IIS or not using IIS is both a technical and/or political choice. Most organizations running NT also have a machine where IIS is installed...
	-- OveRubenOlsen


Last edited June 2, 2000
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