Becoming Bike Oriented

I presented at Ignite Portland #7, November 19, 2009. Although I enjoy speaking, and have spoken before large crowds often, I found speaking at this event strangely difficult and then surprisingly rewarding.

Both the format and subject matter were new to me. Presenting at Ignite is more like a poetry reading than a lecture. I did not know when I had practiced enough. My subject, a personal transformation, seemed small considering what I knew the average Portlander has done themselves. I got through it by relaxing and reminding myself that I was really honoring all the people who had inspired me along the way.

Becomming Bike Oriented
Ward Cunningham
My car was stolen last January. The last thing I wanted to deal with was replacing the car. I chose to do without. My car was recovered five months later. Having it show up again was a bit of a nuisance as I am now bike-oriented.
I have been and now am again be bike-oriented.

My best experience has been to have my bike "disappear" as I became one with the road I traveled. That is, my bike became an extension of myself, not a vehicle I operated.

Modern bicycles are wonderful machines. Everyone should have four or five. I will describe how a chubby old guy can find a new relationship with time, temperature, mind, body, traffic and the law thanks to his wheels and pedals.
Ignite Proposal. Submitted with only vague outline in mind.
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Event Video. Twenty slides in five minutes.
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Presentation. With text of intended, but not actual, commentary.
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