Node 3042

This IRLP node is located in a private residence in the Garden Home neighborhood of Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

It is an open node with no membership fees or special codes. If you are looking for a quiet place to experiment with IRLP, you found it. You need no further permission from us.

If you find yourself listening with any regularity (maybe you have us in your scanner) then consider volunteering as a control operator. Send email.


The node is not a repeater. You will not hear anything from the node until it is connected to another node. The simplest node to try is the echo reflector which will record 10 seconds of your audio and then play it back again. It would go something like this:
You Say: This is KD7MPA
You Type: 9 9 9 0
It Says: IRLP Echo Reflector. Link active, main channel. This is K9OX.
You Say: Testing one two three
It Says: Testing one two three
You Type: 7 3
It Says: IRLP Echo Reflector. Link clear. This is K9OX.

Of course there is a lot more to learn about IRLP before you start connecting to nodes and making friends all around the world. Most important, wait a few seconds before you transmit and then wait a few more seconds before you talk.


This node's coverage is completely overlaped by the excellent IRLP node 3420. If you're looking for great coverage in a uhf repeater and crystal clear audio connectivity to IRLP then check out this machine.
We appreciate the node 3420 team and especially John Moore's help bringing up our node.

We once shared a channel with a EchoLink node N7VZP-L located in Northeast Portland and effectivly used ctss tones to avoid interference. Since then, node 3039 has established itself as a high-power wide-area node on that frequency so we have relocated.


The IRLP node control software is written largely in unix shell script. This lets node owners experiment, a long tradition in ham radio. These are some things a node owner might find useful.
  • I've plotted a call graph showing interactions between scrips both with and without calls outside the scripts directory.