A Car-Wreck Remembered

I woke up in the ambulance with the camera in my hand. After I'd snapped a photo or two for the hell of it she tells me, "They said you were taking pictures."
I'm at the post office. Yes, that's it, or is this city hall? It's sunny and warm, I know that much. I forget why I came here. Oops ... I'm going back to sleep.
"I remember him waving me on", I said. "That's the last thing I remember. I was going to my barber ... the left turn here. There was a lot of traffic ... all backed up. The Winnebago stopped and waved me through."
I'm picking up my photos and flipping through them for the first time. Jesus ... who is this? This must be the woman. They told me she was just shaken up. Lord, it looks like she is dead.

Text and Images © 1993, 1996, Ward Cunningham
All Rights Reserved.