Coyote Howl

The wetland has been home to Coyote in the past. We heard howling at 11pm September 14, 2009 and believe this to be a sign of their return.

Listen to a 48sec recording of howls and dog barks. One or the other of these files should play on your computer.

Guest Image


Coyote photo by Billie Cromwell retired Pennsylvania Game Commission: PGC Public Photo Gallery

Audubon Society

Our Coyote recording was employed as a scary animal noise in the 2009 Halloween exhibit at the Audubon Society of Portland.

Notes on Recording

We recorded the audio using the native iPhone microphone application. When emailed to our desktop the audio file appeared in the less-web-friendly m4a format. We used iTunes to convert this to mp3 following instructions found here:

In essence, it suggests right clicking the imported audio file and choosing convert to mp3.

The mp3 file was uploaded to this site. For browsers that cannot play mp3 natively, we add the Google reader mp3 player described here:

An advantage of this player is that it can appear in the page that describes the audio, a feature that we have not yet exploited.

PeterCunningham describes how he produced the enhanced recording this way: Here is coyote howl recording with 31 dB gain and 18 dB noise reduction achieved using GPL Audacity audio editor and LGPL Lame MP3 encoder.


Last edited December 6, 2009
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