Fanno Creek Headwaters

Wiki Creek is part of the headwaters of Fanno Creek. We explored these headwaters through the services available in GoogleEarth.

A yellow push-button identifies the field station in this synthetically enhanced aerial image. The wetland is in the center, HideawayPark in the foreground, Wiki Creek enter from the right and joins Fanno Creek entering from the left.


We traced the path of Wiki Creek waters, through the wetland and on to the Pacific Ocean. Elevations along this route are charted and tabulated below. Note: The Willamette river is shown to flow uphill, rising over ten feet to Cathedral Park, illustrating a limitation of this methodology.

    wiki creekmultnomah blvd307
     field station252
    woods creekhideaway park237
    fanno creekportland golf club212
     greenway park scholls fry rd163
    tualitan riverdurham112
     wankers corner103
    willamette riverwillamette park57
     oregon city12
     lake oswego8
     portland 10
     cathedral park19
    columbia riverkelly point8
     saint helens8
    pacific oceanastoria0


Artesian Source

Wiki Creek emerges as an ArtesianSpring on the north side of SW Canby Road. A sink in higher ground south of the road shows evidence of this underground aquifer. These historical pictures looking south show the sink in 2001 before it was covered with a housing development.


Viewing Stereo Pairs

The 3-D stereo pairs can be viewed two ways, eyes straight or crossed. Click the thumbnail to begin. The two pairs differ only in which image is placed on the left.

For eyes straight, gaze through the screen letting the top images go out of focus. When double vision creates a third image, wiggle your head until it fuses, then slowly bring it into focus.

For eyes crossed, stare at your finger half way between your face and the screen. Move your finger until a third image appears and fuses, then slowly bring it into focus.


Our interest in headwaters has been inspired by PaulKrafel, and especially the DVD UpwardSpiral passed on from Paul, through TedErnst to us.


Last edited May 17, 2010
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