How To Kill Blackberries

The above article described the process I used to remove the bulk of the blackberry overgrowth in the space that now serves as the station's headquarters. Essentially I visited the area weekly with clippers and removed all returning shoots until the roots died.

from the article...

Having reviewed this article ten years later I see that my humble suggestion has been replaced by a serious industrial chemical approach. Although WikiHow is a mediawiki variant, I couldn't find the revision history to recover my original advice. I did find this discussion thread that begins with my original comment.

On 18:18, 20 June 2007:

I'm five weeks into this process and still "enjoying" it. I will take some photos and add them to the site.

Who would wanna kill blackberries? Blackberries are one of my Favorite fruits.

Blackberries may be unwanted, because the propetery owner, thinks the blackberries are in the way or they dont want/need the fruit.

Man, I wish I had the problem of too many blackberries, because it would mean I'd had enough first.

You could always just let the blackberries grow and donate them to soup kitchens for the homeless, give them to neighbors, or give them to a local co-op. Do something good for the environment, while at the same time, doing something good for fellow humans.

It doesn't sound like you guys are from the northwest. Sure, the berries are good, but if you let blackberry bushes grow unchecked, they will happily expand to fill the entire area of fertile ground available to them. Several years down the line and you'll have a 10 foot tall solid mass of prickly vines filling your yard.

Besides cutting down new growth each week, is there any weed killer that I can use, that will not do too much damage to the surrounding garden and will not harm my dogs?

Yup, it grows insanely, and will poke you with thorns. For homeowners, it's not fruit, it's the worst kind of weed. Cutting them is not too bad, but if it needs to be taken away for compost, imagine hugging cactus.

for the above person who needs to know, use 24d herbicide and mix a little Remedy. Use the 24d for woody plants and tough brush. Remedy is tree poison. Try 2 1/2 ounces per gallon. Read the labels. Mix it for tough brush. Mow them down first. Wait for the new growth then start spraying them and keep spraying however long it takes. Plus, if you can, burn them when it is safe. It is a war I am fighting right now. But yes you can kill them. You have to keep the leaves knocked off of them with the spray. This stops the food-making process of any green plant.

I have many other plants on my land and they all seem to have"found a balance to live together" with the exception of the blackberries.They grow up through and choke every other plant they come in contact with they are not interested in any type of ecosystem existence. They are a parasite.

I have just cleared a garden of 84ft long x 30ft wide of blackberry bushes, they must have been 15ft high i managed to cut them down with a sickle or scythe. i am absolutely exhausted and do not wish to repeat the process. please advise how i can stop them growing again. How long does the process of cutting fresh growth take to kill the root.

It makes me giggle to see people asking why you'd cut down blackberry bushes. We live in the Northwest where blackberries are one of the most invasive plants known to man. The take over everything, trees, bushes, plants, and kill everything they overtake, and then then keep growing. We had an 80x15 mess of blackberry bushes we've just had taken out a few months ago, and we are fighting the regrowth tooth and nail. The fruit may be delightful but the bushes are not.


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