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Here we collect events that have matured on our front page. Many of these provide the only link to pages deep within this site. Our archive goes back to the founding of the station.


  • December 5 -- We've added a NotchWeir to measure the flow rate of water in the creek. Today, after a week of dry weather, we measured 8 gallons per minute.

  • November 26 -- We systematically photographed the upper creek in our first TenFootSurvey. This is a portion of creek that we would like to make more accessible with new trail next summer.

  • November 7 -- Our first day of heavy rain has the creek overflowing in what we call the WikiCreekFlood. See photos.
  • October 9 -- Shorter day have reduced observation opportunities at the field station. However, an exceptional LED headlamp provided guest SamGoldstein a first introduction to the Wiki Creek Trail.

  • September 14 -- We hear CoyoteHowl for the first time in several years. Listen to our recording.

  • September 7 -- An initial AnimalSurvey was conducted at the wetland using a digital SLR with a 300 mm telephoto lens.

  • August 15 -- OIMB graduate, Chris Cunningham, appointed Chief Biologist of the field station. See his off-the-cuff classification within OrderIsopoda. Prof RalphJohnson (uiuc) visits the station.

  • August 15 -- An initial PlantSurvey was conducted using timestamped and geo-located digital photography.

  • August 12 -- First rain for new trail exposes swampy spots. Trail construction methods judged successful.

  • August 8 -- Trail surface stabilized with limb debris and blackberry clippings.


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