Upward Spiral

PaulKrafel says, "My main interest is how nature works as a system (especially flowing water) and the implications and inspirations this has for humans. Our actions can co-evolve with the Earth in a way that either increases possibilities or decreases possibilities. Wisdom is learning how to live in a way that increases possibilities."


The Upward Spiral is a DVD wherein Paul performs an extended conversation explaining the wisdom he describes above. The DVD has been produced in small volume and distributed hand-to-hand to an unknown number of viewers.


WardCunningham says, "The agile software development team delivers two things each week, new functionality which will be visible to the customer and new opportunity which is not visible except to the developer. Before agile, developers would burn opportunity to deliver visible features with no thought to the future."

Ward invented Wiki software as a collaborative medium with properties analogous to agile methodology, specificaly, an upward spiral. Notice the similarity of Paul and Ward's ideals: increased possibilities and delivered opportunity, both characteristic of the living world.

Wiki Creek is so named to manifest the life-giving connection between the flow of water (the creek) and flow of ideas (the wiki).


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