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There seems to be a groundswell of folk who like XP but get embarrassed by the name. That is, however, a moot point, since the book is out. See SellingXp

See also: DontCallItExtreme, IfYouNameItTheyWillBlameIt

I kind of miss the name list, though.

Maybe this is not a moot point anymore, as MicroSoft recently announced the name of the next version of Windows:,4586,2685427,00.html

Do you think they will sue over copyright violations? *sigh*

See trademarking "XP" discussion at TrademarkingXp...

Searching eGroups for the word XP on 8/18/01, I found 48 groups that were about extreme programming, and 53 groups that had some relationship to Windows XP (and often, Windows XP was mentioned in a list of other OSes the group was about).

Big problem I have is people who clearly know nothing about XP, but think they already know all about it. I could guess that they may approach this as... "Well, I already know what extreme is, as in extreme sports. And I already know about programming -- it's done by those coding nerds who are constantly telling me that we can't do what our business needs. So it's pretty clear to me that 'extreme programming' must be more of the same thing, only further out of control."

To get on to actual real-world quotes, here's a message from a high ranking technical leader I spoke with recently: "I haven't had the pleasure of digging into XP but have attempted to use similar approaches as much as possible." [...then...] "[On a recent $5M project that was done with BigDesignUpFront...] This seems typical to me.. if we hacked away at the same project, it might take $20M and much more time due to throw away and mistakes."

It's hard to educate when the student is sure they already know the subject. -- JeffGrigg

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