Open Day For Managers On Extreme Programming And Agile Methods

Update: there were 2 sessions in 2004, one in Sutri (VT) Italy and the other one in Milan Italy. After that some organizers decided that was not worth going on, therefore we stopped. But the 2 sessions that we did were really interesting indeed! :-) --PiergiulianoBossi
After the success of the first Open Day for Managers on Extreme Programming (XP) and Agile Methods held on April 2nd 2004 in XpLabs srl offices, QuinarySpa. will host the next Open Day on September 27th 2004 in its Milan offices, located at via Pietrasanta 14.

This event is organized as a joint effort among AgilitySpi? , QuinarySpa. and XpLabs srl.

Participation in the Open Day is free. To read the brochure and reserve a place, please go to Quinary's website:

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