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We have a conference on XP in LundSweden on May 4th 2001. (We are the SPIN-SYD network of the LUCAS institute at Lund Institute of Technology and 36 software companies in the south of SwedenEurope. ABB and Ericsson are the biggest members, the rest of us are a mix of sizes) We do a low-cost conference each year in April/May. This year the conference on May 4th 2001 is dedicated to XP.

We run the conference with sponsors and volunteers to keep the fee low: 1200SEK (about 120USD). Our target audience is developers, project managers and management, in that order.

Abbreviated Full day Agenda (Coffee breaks in between): 9-10 XP Fundamentals (getting everyone up to sync) 10:15-11:30 Tool Time ("Tekniskt Magasin") Tell people tech stuff i e "tool time" before you show them Planning Game in Extreme Hour to help them map how it all fits. It works, in our experience, better with developers. 11:30-13:00 Chinese Lunch in plenty of little boxes (chopsticks) in a large student party hall while you meet other XPers and XP-curious 13:00-15:00 Extreme Hour/IronGeek in the party Hall. (We saw Iron Geek at XP2000 and will try to improve on the format by using (student) video crews and LCD wall projections. (XP2001-ers: Mail me and I will keep you posted on how it worked out)) 15:30-17:00 How-Tos: How do I get to do XP where I work? (Quality gurus, industry luminaries and experienced developers give practical advice and arguments to get your own company to do XP. If this doesn't work: Do the "Fowlerism": "If you can't change your organization, change your organization!")

Special appearance: Project Management and Market people tell their view of XP as Customers

During the day we are aiming for a rich environment: Let there be plenty! Plenty of refreshments (water, soda, fruit, coffee, sandwiches, cookies). Plenty of people. Plenty of demos: xUnit, Refactoring, Extreme Hour, Continuous Integration (XP Configuration Management Best Practices)

The conference is in itself a XP-project: We are constantly scoping. A lot of the content comes from our XP-workgroup of SPIN-SYD/LUCAS: xp-wg-2001 This wg has had a record-breaking attendance. We have had meetings every 14 days (14-day iterations) from January and onwards.

We also have XP-pilots of full, all-out XP running at some of our members with more coming up.

This is the only information in English this far. I you would like to get more info in English, see below.

More info on XP in Lund, Sweden May 4, 2001: In Swedish (our main audience): http://www.spin-syd.org/conf2001 (This is a Swedish site since our main target audience are Swedish) In English: Send a mail request to xpc-english@spin-syd.org Note: We do this on unpaid time, that's why we prioritize this hard. Any proceedings from the conference goes to activities like theme evenings for students.

(Note: We have done similar low cost developer network conferences for years. Some of us put in hundreds of unpaid hours.)

/Erik Lundh SPIN-SYD (paying my bills by working in my own firm http://www.compelcon.se) erik.lundh@compelcon.se

"XP is still like teenage love - Everyone is curious, Many talk a lot, But few have really tried it yet..."

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