pamsumm { -sum | -mean | -min | -max } [-normalize] [-brief] [image-

All options can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix. You
may use two hyphens instead of one. You may separate an option name
and its value with white space instead of an equals sign.

This program is part of Netpbm.

pamsumm reads a Netpbm image (PNM or PAM) and performs a summary func-
tion over all the samples in all the rows, columns, and planes and
prints the result to Standard Output.

pamsumm performs the operation on the actual sample values, not on the
light intensities represented by them in the case that the image is a
PGM or PPM image or PAM equivalent. If you want to do arithmetic on
light intensities of such a visual image, you can use pnmgamma to con-
vert it to one with samples proportional to light intensity, and then
use pamsumm on the result.

If you want to summarize by column (e.g. add up the columns sepa-
rately), use pamsummcol. If you want to summarize by row, use a com-
bination of pamsummcol and pamflip. If you want to summarize a par-
ticular plane, use pamchannel to extract it and then pamsumm.

You must specify exactly one of -sum, -mean, -min, or -max.







pamsumm, pam,

pamsumm was added to Netpbm in Release 10.21 (March 2004).

netpbm documentation 07 February 2004 Pamsumm User Manual(0)