pbmto4425 [pbmfile]

This program is part of Netpbm.

pbmto4425 displays PBM format images on an AT&T 4425 ASCII terminal
using that terminal's mosaic graphics character set. The program
should also work with other VT100-like terminals with mosaic graphics
character sets such as the C. Itoh CIT-101, but it has not yet been
tested on terminals other than the 4425.

Pbmto4425 puts the terminal into 132 column mode to achieve the maxi-
mum resolution of the terminal. In this mode the terminal has a reso-
lution of 264 columns by 69 rows. The pixels have an aspect ratio of
1:2.6, therefore an image should be processed before being displayed
in a manner such as this:

% pamscale -xscale 2.6 pamfile | pamscale -xysize 264 69 | ppmtopgm | pamditherbw | pbmto4425

pbmtoascii, ppmtoterm, pbm

Copyright (C) 1993 by Robert Perlberg