[-left pixels]

[-right pixels]

[-top pixels]

[-bottom pixels]

[-width pixels]

[-height pixels]

[-bg rgb:##/##/##]

[-fg rgb:##/##/##]

[-var pixels]

[-init seed]


All options can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix. You
may use two hyphens instead of one. You may separate an option name
and its value with white space instead of an equals sign.

This program is part of Netpbm.

ppmrough generates a PPM image of the specified width, height, and
colors. ppmrough tiles the image into semi-rectangular regions with a
ragged borders between them. It calculates the fluctuations with the
rand() standard C library function.

ppmrough writes the PPM image to Standard Output.

The maxval of the output image is 255 (You can change this with

Use the options -left or -right, respectively, to make vertical bor-
ders, and -top or -bottom, respectively, to generate horizontal bor-
ders inside the image. Each of these options needs an integer value
pixels that determines the average distance of the interior border to
the related edge of the image. You may combine the -left, -right,
-top, and -bottom options to generate an image with more than one bor-
der. The algorithm ensures that you can concatenate two images pro-
duced with the same (i.e. -left) value without dislocations.

You specify the dimensions of the generated image with the -width and
-height options.

Use the -bg and -fg options to set the background (margin) color and
the foreground (interior) color, respectively. If you don't specify
any of the -left, -right, -top, and -bottom options, all pixels are
set to foreground color. The defaults are white foreground and black

Use the -var option to control the 'raggedness' of the border. The
less its value is the smoother the border is. You can initialize the
pseudo-random generator with the -init option.

You could use ppmrough with ppmtopgm to create a PGM alpha mask and
use it to roughen up the edges of another image.

-left pixels

-right pixels

-top pixels

-bottom pixels

-width pixels

-height pixels

-bg color

-fg color

-var pixels

-init seed


ppmmake, pnmcat, ppmtopgm, ppm,

This program was added to Netpbm in Release 10.9 (September 2002).

Copyright (C) 2002 by Eckard Specht.

netpbm documentation 23 August 2002 Ppmrough User Manual(0)