Ward Cunningham
Chris Cunningham
January 13, 2001

Brian Donohue placed this cache on December 27, 2000. The Official Posting tells of folks meeting in the nearby clearing to find '60s style inspiration. My son Chris and I were more inspired by the site's proximity five miles due North of our home. Of course it it would be a little further since the roads here don't go straight North and South.


We didn't take the most direct route once we were on the trail either. I'm not going to explain the trick because it is part of the charm of the site. Anyway, we found a CD from an almost local band and left a Leatherman-look-alike multipurpose tool in its place.


This is a great cache to visit even on a drizzly winter day. The moisture just brings out the color in the moss and ferns. Plus a good walk in the woods makes the food at the near-by world-famous Skyline Drive-in taste that much better too.


My friends Wayne and Rick and the dog Chancy joined me in a second visit to the cache on February 25, 2001.