Newest IRLP Nodes

These newly installed nodes are currently online and idle.
weeks repeater simplex
0 Brighton ON Canada 6 pm
Christiansted VI USA 7 pm o
1 Sheffield South Yorkshire SY England 11 pm
South Jordan UT USA
2 Chester, SC / KW4BET SC USA 6 pm o
4 Dalidip, Altavas AKL Philippines 7 am o
Bedford TX USA 5 pm
5 Walnut Creek CA USA
Chelsea / KV4S AL USA 6 pm o
Fairfield AL USA 6 pm o
6 Sunshine Coast BC Canada 3 pm o
Chilliwack BC Canada 3 pm o
Winnipeg MB Canada
Holland Landing ON Canada 6 pm
10 Winston-Salem NC USA 6 pm o
Carlsbad CA USA o
Silicon Valley Reflector California USA 3 pm
11 Hammond ON Canada 6 pm
Victoria BC Canada 3 pm
Irvine CA USA 4 pm
Sylacauga AL USA o
12 Rochedale South, Brisbane QLD Australia 9 am

About Newest Nodes
This program selects from 1671 IRLP nodes choosing those with an installation date within the last 12 weeks. Only nodes that are ready to accept connections are shown. We presume new node owners and users would love to get a call from you. Select the node location to learn more about the node. The time listed after most nodes is a guess at the local time at the site. The occasional trailing o is a link to the node's web site, if any. Try this dx version which looks for the newest nodes outside the US and Canada.

Ward Cunningham k9ox