IRLPCompass Rose

                                        438.6750 Lismore NSW (554) o
147.2750 Tenterfield Stanthorpe Warwick NSW (549) o
439.1750 Tenterfield NSW (466)
145.4250 In the Gully at South Arm NSW (342)
439.7500 Tamworth NSW (248) o
439.1500 Kurri Kurri NSW (64) o
145.4500 Wyee NSW (27)
147.4000 TOUKLEY irlp 6789- Echo 821246 NSW (22) o
438.5250 Merbein VIC (541) o
146.7000 Port Pirie (The Bluff) SA (682) o
146.8250 Barossa Valley SA (725)
439.1500 Moonta on the Copper Coast SA (754)
146.9750 Pt. Augusta (Mt. Arden) SA (786)
000.0000 Adelaide - Virtual Pub Back Bar SA (793) o
438.0750 Gosford NSW (0) o
439.4250 Blacktown NSW (61) o
147.0500 Sydney, Blue Mountains NSW (78) o
147.9250 Goulburn (Raspberry Pi) NSW (219)
439.9500 Canberra ACT (309) o
146.7500 Wagga Wagga NSW (373) o
441.1500 Numurkah EchoIRLP VIC (564) o
145.4000 Illawarra NSW (149) o

Los Angeles
New York

About Compass Rose
The Compass Rose selects from 1782 IRLP nodes choosing those in the vicinity of a specified position. The closest nodes appear in the center square. The surrounding eight squares list more distant nodes in the direction of each compass point. Select a node or city to make it the center of the rose. Select a node operating frequency (bold for repeaters) to learn more about the node. The parenthesised numbers are distance approximations. The occasional trailing o is a link to the node's web site, if any.

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