IRLPCompass Rose

147.3600 Tlaquepaque Jal (154) o
145.4900 San Luis Potosi SLP (328)
147.3400 Aguascalientes AGS (263) o
145.3700 San Luis de la Paz GTO (263) o
147.3300 Irapuato-Leon-Salamanca GTO (161) o
146.4000 Arandas JAL (145)
146.9700 LOS ALTOS DE JALISCO JAL (137) o
146.6400 Atotonilco el alto, Jal. Jal (106) o
146.5200 No Padre Island TX (859)
147.3900 Tulancingo HGO (273) o
147.5100 Ixmiquilpan HGO (244)
146.8500 Querétaro QRO (195) o
146.9400 Morelia MIC (71)
146.4000 Colima Colima (102)
145.6400 Uruapan, Michoacan Mic (0) o
438.1250 Ciudad de Mexico CMX (144) o
147.4100 MEXICO CITY CMX (145) o
147.3900 Benito Juarez CMX (146) o
147.5100 Ciudad de Mexico CMX (149) o
433.5500 Mexico City CMX (150) o
145.4100 Ciudad de Mexico CMX (152) o
                                        146.9700 Lazaro Cardenas Mic (151) o
146.5800 Jantetelco MOR (231) o
147.3000 San Cristobal L.C. (Radioclub) Chiapas (731)
146.3500 San Cristobal de L.C., Chiapas Chs (736)

Los Angeles
New York

About Compass Rose
The Compass Rose selects from 1548 IRLP nodes choosing those in the vicinity of a specified position. The closest nodes appear in the center square. The surrounding eight squares list more distant nodes in the direction of each compass point. Select a node or city to make it the center of the rose. Select a node operating frequency (bold for repeaters) to learn more about the node. The parenthesised numbers are distance approximations. The occasional trailing o is a link to the node's web site, if any.

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