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Contest Rules

An award certificate will be given to all operators that can confirm two-way conversations with all camps identified on the official campground map.


Operators must keep moving. No more than two contacts from the same location can be used for the purpose of this award. However, you may contact any number of operators from the same location for the purposes of their awards. Stations should identify with callsign and location as in "this is K77ABC at camp 3".


During a contact operators must exchange jokes. No joke can be used twice from the same location. Operators will rate the jokes they receive on the silly scale from s1 to s5 where s5 is hilarious and s1 is sick. Ratings sent and received should be recorded in the station log and those sent reported on QSL cards.


All contacts must be made on the same day. Exchange QSL cards confirming each contact as soon as convenient. When you have accumulated the necessary cards you can submit them with your corresponding log sheets to the awards chairman who will return them with a numbered award certificate.


All operators must play fair and have fun. Some operators may choose to operate for long periods at "rare" campgrounds for the benefit of other operators. The operators of such expeditions deserve everyone's utmost respect.
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