Fixed Operations

Our home is a sloping lot with a small creek in the back yard. We've put a couple of banquet tables up in the daylight basement where most would have a pool table. It's great for everything from school projects and boy scout meetings to, well, ham stations. The other end of the room has a fireplace with sofa and chairs. Sometimes I'll build a fire and stretch out the sofa while practicing my in-the-head Morse code.

My homemade computer interface is the far right.

Portable Operations

I keep a second station in a briefcase and will sometimes take it with me when I travel. Here I've pressed it into service in the upstairs living room because a teenage party had taken over the basement. That's my wife and younger son watching a dvd movie while I work psk31 from my lap.

© 2001 Ward Cunningham, K9OX.