What was the best things about DesignFest?

Seeing how others approach the problem.
Seeing other people work.
Seeing how other people think about design. We are all so different.
Interacting/discussing design issues.
Being thrown in with a team of people and having to learn to work with them towards the problem.
Rapid group interaction, the idea of doing designs.
Quality of participants
The cooperation, eagerness to participate.
The idea.
Exposure of the complexity of people issues in a design team.
It showed that people of diverse backgrounds could come together and speak a common language. Patterns were identified and definitely helped.
Working with people who do things differently.
We could see the way we resolved our differences.
Watching 5 people tackle a problem in their own personal ways.
Seeing other people's working style.
Learning the problems of defining a process.
Break in middle where half the team swapped.
Multiple views
Real interaction with other designers.
The practical experienced obtained under the guidance of an experienced moderator.
The opportunity to work with other developers with other ideas.
Interesting problems, some structure.
Interaction with others.
Different viewpoints.
Exchange of ways to attack problems.
I found the topic interesting.
Provided forum for different ideas.
Good stretching experience.
Team accomplishes some given constraints.
Meeting and working with other experienced designers.
Great forum for playing in new problem domains.
Learning how others approached design.
The different viewpoints.
Watching group think in action under stress.
Learning integrating ideas/methodologies from other practitioners.
Watching moderator
Working with other designers
Designing with other experienced designers
Working hard with other designers. No B.S. theory!
Real world!
Taking a crack at a new problem.
Interactivity. Seeing how other designers work. Learning new techniques and viewpoints.
Learning other people's approaches.
Incredible opportunity to observe sizable group of talented designers
in action. How often do you get to do that?
Exposure to different backgrounds.
Working with people together from other domains (even other OO domains).
Everybody does things differently.
Experiencing a first time event and learning about it.
The dynamics and frenzy was a blast. Keep the problems large.
The design problems were non-trivial.
Effectiveness of knowing names of patterns in communicating designs.
It woke me up.
Learned about working with strangers.
We actually achieved something.
Seeing dynamics of putting a bunch of opinionated designers together.
Observing the process.
Group interaction with interesting people.
Bashing of ideas.
Use of patterns.