Any further comments?

Make it more competitive - let teams sign up based on the organization that the team member represents.

Teams be put together in advance so that they can get together earlier if possible.

Partition people by the methodology they like.

Better define deliverables (so designers spend less time fighting over this aspect).

This was good. Another kind of event would be to observe a team, which already agrees about how they work, do their thing. But how does that happen?

Problem statements sent out ahead of time.

Hold it in a bigger room.

Have a combination of university students and "industry guys".

I would rather have had a full 3 hour work session with only final deliverable, instead of being forced to "produce an initial design" in 1 hour. Most of that hour was spent discovering each others work style. I.e. Skip the intermediate deliverables. Our moderator kept twitching and pointing to his watch. Still have the team exchange in the middle.

Paper for recorder. CRC cards. White boards.

More separation between teams (noise). We need white boards!

Set aside time before work starts to get information about problem (with time to reflect).

Maybe have the actual schedule of the workshop in advance, so we may be aware of the limits for each part of the workshop.

We either need more time, or smaller problems (at least for workflow) or stricter guidelines. There wasn't enough time to both design the system and decide how to go about designing the system.

Just make it longer.

Standardize on a method. Ensure that members on the team have some experience with patterns.

Team was too heterogeneous. Pattern expert should not be a moderator.

I'm not sure there is a way to do it right and still be short enough for a workshop.