What was the worse thing about DesignFest?

Agreeing on process.
People that cannot communicate due to different concepts.
2 groups in one room. Too hard to hear. Also, some people did not pre-register at the info booth. Also, it was unclear that it was held at the Hyatt.
Final deliverable vague.
Problem (med. imaging) too big!
1/2 day
strongly different background of the participants
Problem domain too large
Not enough time and lack of structure. Expectations were not bounded.
Not enough time. Too much pressure.
Was held in small room.
Moderator was distracting.
Overconstrained "process" and time schedule.
Super ego of participants
Short time, not all participants had domain experience
Scale/scope of problem (distributed system)
Not enough time (or maybe that was the idea, time constraint on designing an OO system)
Everyone had a different idea of how to go about designing.
Frustration of team of strangers coming together on communication and design issues.
Limited time.
Different vocabulary and ontologies of people. Objects mean different things to different people.
Not enough time.
A lot of talk and arguments, very little results.
Forced to take ugly shortcuts due to time constraints.
Trying to design with people you've never met before - hard on the nerves.
Expectations undefined -- process become the important thing.
Moderators need more definition.
Overcoming different design methodologies.
Time limits
Organization should be better. Schedule - pre-released.
The time pressure, the very broad problem (medical imaging)
Problem was too large to get good OOA/D experiences. Instead, we did architecture, which was still valuable none the less.
Lack of relevant background of group participants.
Two teams in one room. Too little time.
Overlapped with paper/panel program.
Too little time - methodology and notation differences.
Designing with other experienced designers. (This was listed as "best thing", too.)
Having it conflict with other parts of OOPSLA.
Compressed time-frames
Not enough time
Scope of problem was quite daunting
Vagueness of deliverables. Time too short. Unclear scope.
The nature of the problem is such that everyone jumped immediately to class level design. I was hoping to learn more about larger-grained (architectural?) processes/patterns.
Not enough time to establish communication among people with diverse backgrounds.
Not enough time to do a proper OOA/D. Moderators need to be "very good" at OOA/D.
Participants were initially novices; ended up mentoring.
Lack of time.
A full day would have allowed better artifact synchronization.
The disparity of backgrounds between the designers and the apparent lack of discussion and design leadership in the moderators led to a lack of focus and drive towards completing the design process.
It didn't provide an outlet for my frustration!
A bit frustrating, but it was fun.
Frustration of having opinionated designers. We couldn't agree on a notation for depicting the architecture.
The problem sheets caused us to spend a lot of time on analysis. Diagrams would reduce time needed to ask questions.
Time pressure.
Tight schedule.
Legacy design methods.