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This site is the distributon site for current and historical versions of A Fully Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine first described in a May 1977 QST article of the same name by Ward Cunningham.

We recommend you download the 2004 multimedia version of the program which has been carefully engineered by Jim Wilson and others to run on a variety of systems and to take advantage of the sound resources those systems offer.

This program teaches you to receive Morse code. It starts with a few letters and adds more when it sees that you are ready. This is the easiest way to learn code because the computer thinks about the practice you need next instead of wasting your time with stuff you already know or confusing you with stuff that you don't.

This program was originally written in assembly language for the microprocessors used in the first Personal Computers. This required hand translation of every program instruction. The first portable version was written in Pascal but has never been configured to run on an actual machine. The Pascal version was translated to C for the original IBM PC and still runs today on Windows under DOS compatibility. This version is the C version reconfigured to use Portable Libraries for input and output.

We've written a Web Based Morse Teacher plugin to federated wiki as part of a long conversation about the whole notion of machines that teach.

Legal notice: The software distributed from this site is licenced under the GNU Public License Version 2. See http:files/license.txt. The remaining content of this site and the site design are Copyright (c) 2004, Ward Cunningham. See http:changes.cgi for new content and http:stats.cgi for download counts.

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